Conversations on the Impacts of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Does our future health and economy depend on what we drink? Soda: the Series offers conversations about sugary drinks and their impact on the health of our families, community and environment. Experts will discuss the science of sugary drinks, tactics of the soda industry, and disease prevention efforts. These events take place in the run-up to the November election, when Berkeley will vote on Measure D, a tax on sugary drinks. Soda: the Series is sponsored by the Berkeley Healthy Child Coalition, Ecology Center, Public Health Institute, Prevention Institute and Small Planet Institute.


Previous Events


Thursday, September 4
Hillside Club / 7:00pm
Are all calories the same? What’s all the fuss about sugar? Sugary drinks are causing health epidemics and driving up medical costs. Robert Lustig, John Swartzberg, and other experts will share the latest research and discuss the impact on our future. Read More...
Saturday, September 13
Ed Roberts Campus / 4:30pm
1 in 3 kids will develop diabetes, yet kids are drinking more sugar than ever. Learn how sugary drinks affect kids’ health and how the industry is targeting kids and people of color to grow their profits. Moderated by Anna Lappé. Kids welcome! Read More...
Sponsors: MomsRising, Berkeley Federation of Teachers, Berkeley Youth Alternatives, Malcolm X PTA
Friday, September 19
Westbrae Biergarten / 6 – 8pm
Bring your friends and family to the beer garden. Advocates will be on hand to answer questions about the Berkeley Soda Tax and the BUSD Cooking & Gardening Programs. Short, relevant films screen at dusk. Kids welcome! Read More...
Sponsor: Berkeley Federation of Teachers
Saturday, September 27
First Congregational Church of Berkeley / 7:00 pm
A year ago, Mexico was the first in the world to pass a national soda tax, to combat the world’s highest obesity rate. What can we learn from our neighbor about protecting our kids’ health? Is Mexico’s effort to curb excess sugar consumption possible in the US? Academic, journalist, and writer Raj Patel dialogues with Mexican public health leaders and activists about their hard-won campaign. Read More...
Tuesday, October 7
Boalt Hall, corner of Bancroft and Piedmont / 6:00pm / reception at 5:30pm
Why does our nation’s health depend on the tactics of the soda industry? “Big Soda” is spending millions to confuse the public and prevent action in the face of growing medical knowledge, just as “Big Tobacco” did before them. Speakers including Stan Glantz and Mark Pertschuk will explore the parallels in these fights for a healthier future. Read More...
Thursday, October 9
Brower Center / 7:00 pm
Sugary drinks harm our bodies, but what about our ecosystems? Earth Island Journal editor Jason Mark and guests explore the environmental impacts of Big Soda, from litter and recycling woes, to greenwashing, water wars, and GMO corn in the Midwest. Read More...
Sponsors: Earth Island Institute, Brower Center, Corporate Accountability International
Sep 4 — Oct 9

Berkeley Federation of Teachers
Berkeley Youth Alternatives
Brower Center
Corporate Accountability International
Earth Island Institute
Malcolm X PTA
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Ecology Center

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Berkeley vs. Big Soda

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Berkeley vs. Big Soda